Our clients learn, through good relationships with horses, how to have great relationships with people.

We introduce clients individually or in groups to a course of guided exercises and activities with horses, through which they get to see their human relationships in a new light. They become aware of choices they can make that could greatly improve their relationships with the people who matter to them the most.

Anyone can participate in these learning processes because there is no horseback riding involved—all activities are ground-based.

Learn With Horses provides a variety of learning programs, which include:

  • Customized equine learning or therapy sessions for individuals, couples and families 

  • Group equine learning or therapy sessions for schools, churches or treatment centers

  • Business team building and leadership development events

  • Wise Woman Circles and Retreats

Clients attend their equine sessions on a horse property that includes an outdoor ring and an indoor year-round arena.

Learn With Horses is a transformational learning center located at the historic Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills, Maryland, and all sessions offered there are aligned with best practices in the delivery of equine learning and therapy services.

Director Betsy Hickok is EAGALA certified and trained (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice.

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