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Learn with Horses LLC, equine-assisted growth and learning, where the wisdom of the horse meets the wisdom in you.

Betsy Hickok, LCPC, EAGALA-Certified Equine Therapist  

The difference between Equine Therapy and Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy: Talk-based human-to human therapy is focused upon conversation between a therapist and their clients. The goal of the ongoing conversation is for clients to reach desired awareness and solutions that will improve situations in their lives.

Equine Therapy: EAGALA Equine Therapy is action-oriented and focuses upon ground-based, structured activities shared by the client(s) with a horse or multiple horses. The horses' responses to the human become feedback for growth and learning. Sessions are facilitated by a team, including a psychotherapist and a horse specialist.

Talk Therapy: The client first gains insights mentally through brain-based understanding joined with liberated emotional feelings. Sometimes, though, the brain can be a source of filtering that may distort or block feelings. Sometimes it takes a while to resolve this resistance so the healing can proceed and the client feels better.

Equine Therapy: Clients are often more open to feedback from horses than from people. They gain first insights on a gut level while interacting with horses—a felt sense of the situation, and that information makes its way to the brain in a different way, often bypassing resistance from the brain. This often results in clients making faster, more integrated changes in their lives so they can get where they want to go more completely and quickly.

Talk Therapy: Clients often view talk therapy as a last option in their struggles. They wait so long to come in that their problems have become much more difficult to resolve, or are perhaps even intractable. They experience therapy itself as a painful process.

Equine Therapy: Clients usually embrace equine therapy. Their experiences and ideas about horses are usually fun and exciting (see photos below), and they often enjoy the equine therapy process.

Talk therapy and equine therapy work very well when partnered together. 

Betsy Hickok has an equine therapy practice at the Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills, MD, and also an office-based practice in Annapolis, MD.

Betsy Hickok, LCPC, betsy@learnwithhorses.com.


When we learn with horses... 

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We learn how to connect well with others,

While being at home with ourselves.

We learn how to be great together,

While being at home with the herd.

Your horses are waiting... what will you learn  today?


Learn With Horses, LLC

"Where the wisdom of the horse meets the wisdom in you"